• Best 3D Printer 2020 under $500

    Buy best 3D Printer 2020 under $500 Dual extruder 3D printer -- Which can be used with two materials for printing at one time, has special advantages in applications, realizes the functions and appli


    11/16 / 2020

  • Announcement Of The First Phase Of The 2000 3D Printers Giveaway

    To create a 3D printer and bring it closer to perfection, we plan to give 2000 sets of 3D printers to professional users to participate in our Giveaway and sincerely invite you to give us professional


    10/08 / 2020

  • MakerPi Official is Looking for After-sales service cooperation

    With the development of 3D printing technology, 3D printer applications are becoming more and more popular in people's daily lives. In order to facilitate people to enjoy the fun of 3D printers, a


    09/30 / 2020

  • MakerPi Special Model Mixed Color 3D Printer -- M2030X

    What is mixed color 3D pritner?Principle of mixed color 3D printerThis is a new type of 3D printing technology with reference to trichromatic theory by using different colors materials, is developed b


    09/16 / 2020

  • 3D Printed Material Presentation

    3D printing, also known as material addition manufacturing, is essentially the deposition of materials through a layer of special equipment into shape, and 3D printing materials play a vital role thro


    08/28 / 2020

  • How To Buy A High-quality 3D Printer For Beginner?

    Since the birth of 3D printing technology, 3D printing has developed rapidly, in the major manufacturing industries have emerged, mainly due to the low cost of 3D printers, high efficiency, change the


    08/18 / 2020

  • About MakerPi

    MakerPi is an overseas brand belonging to Shenzhen Soongon Technology Co.,Ltd. In sustainable development, we have accumulated rich experience in hardware communication research and believe that 3d pr


    07/17 / 2020

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