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How To Buy A High-quality 3D Printer For Beginner?

2020-08-18 15:47:36 MakerPi 70

Since the birth of 3D printing technology, 3D printing has developed rapidly, in the major manufacturing industries have emerged, mainly due to the low cost of 3D printers, high efficiency, change the traditional enterprise production model, promote the process of industry. And now 3D printing has made continuous breakthroughs, the major 3D printer manufacturers springing up, leading to the market 3D printer brand, price range. How to choose a high-precision, cost-effective 3D printer, has become a problem for many 3D printer enthusiasts. Below, we'll explain how to choose a high-precision, cost-effective 3D printer for beginner.

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First, choose from the stability of the 3D printer:

Because of the different technical level, 3D printer sits in practical use as aerospace military, medical, machinery manufacturing, civil education and so on. As a mass, civil desktop 3D printers with FDM and SLA as the core of two common technologies became the first choice, of which FDM is more widely used because of its lower price.

Take the fused deposition (FDM) printer as an example, the print is printed one layer by layer, the material line into the high-temperature nozzle dissolves into liquid outflow, walks on the printing platform according to the file layered path to become a solid object, and finally after layered printing, layer by layer, a complete object will be presented before our eyes. After understanding the principle of 3D printer, we know that the core components of the printer is the nozzle, the same price model, pay attention to the quality of the print nozzle, in the long printing process can not block the material or power off, when the road is broken to have a power failure function, to avoid the goods printed to half caused the printing failure.

Second, 3D printer use quality selection:

As an interdisciplinary discipline, 3D printer manufacturing (FDM) technology involves materials, machinery, electronics, software and other fields. The quality of the product determines the use cycle, when buying, the same price according to the product material selection, 3D printer materials include: printer frame materials, wire rod, platform, servo motor, circuit board, printing wire and so on. 3D printer manufacturing accuracy is also very important, tolerance swells, production and installation links are also related to product life. High-quality 3D printerinns in short supply in the market, Beijing Qingyuan Hui Technology Co., Ltd. production of 3D printers through 120 hours of uninterrupted printing testing, and commitment to 7 days no reason to return, 15 days no reason to exchange, 1 year warranty.

3D Printer, makerpi 3d printer, 3 D Printing Services

Third, whether independent independent research and development of Cura software:

Slicing software affects the quality of printing, many 3D printer manufacturers in the open source slicing software based on the development of their own 3D printer slicing software, consumers should check whether the slicing software is easy to operate, the slicing process can be seen in real time on the computer model slicing process, easy to set the slice parameters.

3D Printer, makerpi 3d printer, 3 D Printing Services

Four, 3D printer performance test is qualified:

Each 3D printer has its own characteristics, so it's important to understand the core technology to operate your machine. First of all, when printing to replace materials to be convenient, 3D printing time is relatively long, printing replacement materials, continue to play things often appear, so to change the convenience. Secondly, the LCD panel display information is clear, including: nozzle temperature, nozzle position, printing speed percentage, platform temperature, printing time and so on. Whether the keys are easy to operate and whether there is an alarm device for the fault.

Five, 3D printer manufacturers whether to improve after-sales service:

In the purchase of 3d printers, we want to ask 3d printer manufacturers whether to provide warranty services, such as not providing on-site services, how to solve the product in use of the failure of related matters to negotiate clearly with the manufacturers, to ensure that there is no accident in use.

At present, 3D printer development shows a vigorous trend, there will be more and more 3D printers in the market was born, for users, from this five aspects of the start, enough to buy a cost-effective, high-precision, service system perfect 3D printer. And MakerPi has been adhering to the "We talk about the customer is the price, but the customer talk but we are value" principle, in the 3D printing road, hard work, in order to achieve the "3D printing changes life" goal struggle. Welcome to consult, for you round 3D printing dream.

3D Printer, makerpi 3d printer, 3 D Printing Services