M1 - Mini 3D Printer

Release date:2020-07-02 15:33:52

One-button Printing/No Leveling

Physical parameter

Machine size:190*150*240mm Machine weight:2.2kg Maximum nozzle temperature:220℃ Package size:280*250*220mm Package weight:3kg

Print parameter

Print size:100*100*100mm Layer thickness:0.05-0.3mm Print material:PLA Filament diameter:1.75mm Nozzle diameter:0.4mm Forming precision:±0.1-0.3mm Recommended print speed:40-60mm/s

Software requirement

Slice software:Cura/MKSlicer Support file format :STL,gcode,jpg,etc Operate System:windows/Linux/Mac

Power requirement

Printing method:TF card, WIFI Average power:24V-48W


One-button printing: without screen selection, import gcode file into the TF card, insert it into machine, and start the printing button to start printing. Smart-leveling platform:Do not need leveling, to avoid improper leveling resulting in poor printing effect, improve the success rate of printing. Magnetic bending platform:Printing platform adopts a magnetically bendable design. After printing, printing platform and model can be easily removed from the machine, and the model can be easily peeled off from the platform by bending.

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makerpi 3d printer, 3 D Printing Services

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