Announcement Of The First Phase Of The 2000 3D Printers Giveaway-MakerPi is providing Best 3D Printer 2020 under $500

Announcement Of The First Phase Of The 2000 3D Printers Giveaway

2020-10-08 16:40:23 Yuki Long 953

3D Printer, makerpi 3d printer, 3 D Printing Services

To create a 3D printer and bring it closer to perfection, we plan to give 2000 sets of 3D printers to professional users to participate in our Giveaway and sincerely invite you to give us professional suggestions after testing. We will carry out this project in several stages: with 200 units given in the first stage, we will carry out improvements based on your valuable suggestions. In the next stage, we will give you improved machines for testing, and continue to advance towards the goal of a more perfectly-balanced machine.

In our opinion, a great 3D printer should meet the following conditions:

  1. Easy: Our 3D printers should be easy for people of all ages and industries to adopt and use.

  2. Stability: Our 3D printers should be reliable regardless of frequency of usage or complexity of work.

  3. Higher cost performance: Our 3D printers should not be manufactured with the lowest cost options, but with comprehensive cost performance. 

  4. High upgradability: Our 3D printers should feature modular designs which enable them to have higher functionality, such as dual head printing, color mixing printing, paste printing, laser engraving, CNC, etc.

  5. Opensource: Our printers are open systems, making material choice limitless for users.

We understand that it is not enough to improve our products based solely on the strength of our team, so we sincerely invite you to join us and become the first professional beta testers in this project.

Activity Details:

Time:  From now to Dec.31st, 2020

Machines model (optional): P2 & M1

3D Printer, makerpi 3d printer, 3 D Printing Services3D Printer, makerpi 3d printer, 3 D Printing Services

Quantities: 200 sets (100 sets P2,100 sets M1), First 200 candidates only.

Participation Qualification: 

  1. Willing to collaborate to "Make A Perfect 3D Printer".

  2. Professional 3D printer sales company or social media influencer.

  3. Share activity photos to Facebook and 3 friends.

  4. Each company or social media influencer can apply for only one machine.

Participation Requirements:

  1. Share pictures and videos in different stages, to the Tribune (required) and platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, INS (multiple choices).

  2. Provide ideas or professional advice to us based on any problems encountered in the testing process.

  3. Willing to sell our 3D printer.

  4. The test will be completed within 15 days after the applicant receives the machine.

  5. Each company or internet celebrity can only apply for one machine.

  6. To ensure the authenticity of the project, your company's name will be published on our website and forums.

  7. Actively participate in discussions and group interactions.


If you agree to being part of our project and meet our requirements, you may send us an application. After approval, you will automatically be the first batch of professional testers. We will deliver to you a 3D printer of your choice (Please see Activity Details above) for free. When you receive our machine, please cooperate with us in testing, providing us with timely and valuable suggestions, and actively participate in our discussions.

Activity Process:

  1. Application: Fill in and seal the application form (MakerPi3D-Application Form);

  2. Audit: Approved enterprise information (company name) to be published on our official website and forum and notified by email (;

  3. Delivery: Uniform delivery according to address indicated in the application form;

  4. Receipt of goods: Testers to take photos or record videos when receiving the goods, and share them on our designated forums and platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and ins (in order to ensure the authenticity of the activity);

  5. Testing: Testers to conduct all-round tests on their machine, shooting 1 unboxing video, 1 printing video and 5 pictures to share on designated forums and platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc. (in order to ensure the authenticity of the activity);

  6. Feedback and suggestions: Applicants to provide us with professional suggestions on improvement and features based on any problems encountered during testing, and actively interact in discussions.


The above is the main content of the activity, if you are interested, welcome to join our group: 3D Printer, makerpi 3d printer, 3 D Printing Services

Contact customer service:

*Note: The right to decide and implement all feedback and suggestions in this project belongs to Shenzhen soongon Technology Co., Ltd.