M2030X - Mixcolor 3D Printer

Release date:2020-06-12 16:07:21

Double Extruder Color Printer

Product Details:Printing size:200×220×300 mm

Machine size: 360×360×545 mm

Package size: 505×455×660 mm

Product weight: 28kg

Layer thickness: 0.05-0.30mm

Precision: ±0.1-0.3mm

Printing speed: Suggest 40-60mm/s; Max 300mm/s

Forming principle: FDM Nozzle

Diameter: Standard 0.4mm ( 0.2mm/0.8mm optional)

Nozzle structure: Two in one out

Printing mode: Mixed color/dual color/layer color/Single color

Printing material: PLA/ABS/HIPS/PHA/PETG/PA/PC

Filament diameter: 1.75mm

Slicing software: CURA

Language support: Chinese/English

Format: stl; Gcode; obj; dae; amf; bmp; jpg

XYZ accuracy: XY axis 0.0128mm, Y axis 0.0025mm

Hot bed temperature: 0-120℃

Nozzle temperature: 0-250℃

LCD: 4.3 inches color touch screen

Input voltage: 110 V/220 V

Output voltage: 24 V

Power: 200 W/320 W

Certification: CE,FCC,ROHS and providing trust to your potential users.

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