Soongon Technology: 3D Printer (FDM)Development Trends

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Regarding 3D printers, everyone knows that now, 3D printer technology currently support FDM, DLP, LCD, SLA, SLS, SLM and so on, especially FDM most widely applied because of its high performance and low cost.

Today, I would like to share with you the thoughts on the development trend of 3D printers’ FDM technology.


FDM technology , because its simple technical principle , easy to operate, so lowest cost. They determines its the most extensive market application . However, because of its simple technology, the printed items by such a 3D printer are relatively simple with low precision.

As technology innovation , the cost of other technology 3D printers was gradually decreased, hence the market share for FDM 3D printer were slowly shrank.


In this regard, the development trend of FDM 3D printer is expected as follows: polarization development, an extremely cost-effective consumer 3D printer, an extremely high-strength engineering plastic industrial 3D printer.

FDM 3D printers have inherent cost advantages, so the main position is difficult to be replaced in the consumer market. In the future, consumer 3D printers are gradually becoming foolish and cost-effective, and will be operated by every ordinary user, like the simple operation and popularization of the current PC.

Engineering plastics industrial 3D printers also have inherent advantages because they use thermoplastic materials, thermoplastic materials have engineering mechanical properties, and because of the simple manufacturing of thermoplastic materials, or engineering plastics industrial 3D printers, The cost of use will be an advantage.

The development trend of 3D printers on FDM technology only represents editor’s views, hoping to more new ideas coming out for exchange.

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