MakerPi attended the Guangdong 3D printing standards

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Since 2015, China's 3D printing industry has entered a period of barbaric growth, which has brought development opportunities and hidden dangers to the future of the 3D printing industry. The confusion of industry standards is one of the most obvious. Many brands sprung up halfway. They are not aware of the technical standards of the 3D printing industry, just focus by their own, which has led to the bad consequences of market standards and has seriously affected the experience of consumers in the 3D printing industry.


The problem of no solution can be seen online at any time due to the confusion of technical standards: some 3D printing consumers have abandoned the applicable 3D printing technology because they cannot buy applicable 3D filaments after the closure of the original factory; Some 3D printing devices has a problem with a nozzle, but no suitable replacement parts can be found, resulting in the entire machine being scrapped.


Now, this issue has been highly valued by the country. The Guangdong Provincial 3D Printing Standardization Technical Committee, led by the National Printing and Office Automation Consumables Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, will be officially established at the 5th Asian 3D Printing Exhibition held in Zhuhai in October. Thousands of 3D printing brands around the world will discuss the standardization work in the fields of 3D printing equipment and filaments.


As the leader of 3D printing brand in South China, MakerPi was elected as the special leader of the technical committee, and Yang Hai, the general leader of the MakerPi 3D printer brand, was also invited to participate in the establishment of the committee as an industry leader and a technical expert.

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