Deep analysis of three aspects of saving 3d printed materials

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I believe that everyone knows about 3D printing technology. Different 3D printing technologies can support various types of plastic, resin, ceramic, metal 3D printing materials. It has the advantages of short development cycle time and cost reduction. In the Year of Manufacturing, it is widely used in the creation of educational projects, industrial molds, aerospace, transportation and other aspects. 3d printing technology still consumes a lot of consumables, which has been a problem for 3D printer manufacturers. The following forest technology technology editor for everyone to deeply analyze how to effectively reduce the loss of 3d printing materials.


First, reduce operational errors and avoid secondary printing:
Many people get a 3d printer, do not know the characteristics of 3d printing supplies, blind printing, do not control the details of the 3d printer operation, forget to add support structure, resulting in the bottom of the model curled or curled. Especially when using industrial grade 3d printers, it is necessary to print a support size for the print model to form a support point, and print it in order to prevent the above situation. After the print is finished, we need to remove the plastic support frame, so the printing material is wasted. We can only design the model placement method at the beginning of printing to minimize the production of plastic brackets.

3d print model

Second, when printing, adopt the appropriate design strategy:
When we use a 3d printer, we measure the printed object, get the tolerance requirements of the part parts, design the appropriate strategy, and complete the requirements for the printing model within the tolerance range. Otherwise, no tolerances are printed in the range, which leads to secondary processing, the pursuit of precision to increase the number of layers printed, and the loss of a large amount of 3d printed materials, which is very uneconomical.

3d print model

Third, optimize the core algorithm of 3d printer system:
Optimized from the 3D printer system, reducing 3D printed materials, first proposed by American scientists, can not only reduce the time, but also reduce the amount of printing consumables. In theory, a PackMerger algorithm is used to divide a printed material into several segments and then glue them together. The core idea of ​​this algorithm is to save the printing frame and waste material by putting possible multiple elements into a small space. At present, Sengong Technology has improved on the PackMerger algorithm, which saves more materials and effectively reduces the cost of 3d printing.

3d printing technology

From three aspects, you can save a lot of 3d printing materials and reduce the cost of 3d printing. Of course, don't just focus on the front. It is more important to realize the lightweight of the 3D printing structure and to stimulate the 3D printing technology to optimize the part design as soon as possible. This is the basis for saving 3D printing materials.

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