Baoqi Soongon Technology launches new educational application desktop FDM3D printer

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Soongon Technology launched the new FDM3D printer "Blue Whale K5" at the 74th China Education Equipment Exhibition, attracting many visitor

The 74th China Education Equipment Exhibition was held in Chengdu, China West Expo City from May 11th to 13th. Baoan Enterprise Soongon Technology participated in the exhibition and launched the new FDM3D printer “Blue Whale K5” at the exhibition, which attracted countless visitors and became a unique scenery in the education exhibition.


 Shenzhen Soongon Technology Co., Ltd. settled in Fengye Industrial Park, Fengtang Avenue, Fuhai Street, Bao'an District. It is a national high-tech enterprise established in 2012 specializing in 3D printer manufacturing. It has a complete ISO9001 quality management system certification. All along, Soongon  Technology adheres to the brand spirit of “Quality, Innovation, Responsibility and Win-Win” and is committed to providing 3D printers with reliable quality, advanced technology and stable performance to consumers all over the world. The company changes its life with “3D printing”. The core value, through professional level and unremitting efforts, to shape 3D print quality life, provide services and guidance for 3D printing technology promotion, cultural creative communication.


At the 74th China Education Equipment Exhibition, the new FDM3D printer “Blue Whale K5” launched by Forest Technology was favored by many professional visitors. It is understood that FDM3D printer is a rapid prototyping technology based on 3D printing. It can be widely used in industrial model design, animation model design, medical reconstruction and medical 3D model printing, etc. by using the nozzle technology, motion mechanism and structural design. 3D printing service market in the fields of education and cultural industries. From the appearance of the new "Blue Whale K5", the unique shape line with the noble blue is refreshing. The model is equipped with a printing platform measuring 200×200×300mm, snap-type quick-release nozzle, WiFi/APP, intelligent leveling, video monitoring and other functions, which is nearly 30% faster than the old 3D printer. The "Blue Whale K5" adopts open-molded injection molding + sheet metal structure. The modular design and high-performance printing make the maintenance cost of this machine much lower.


High-speed, high-quality 3D printing is the next competitive front in the field of additive manufacturing.” Luo Jianxu, a forestry technology engineer, told reporters that Soongon has always believed that 3D printing can change life and is also committed to the development of this direction, technical aspects. Constantly deepening, quality excellence, machine performance is constantly breaking through, however, because the “R&D” gene of Soongon (the forestry entrepreneurial team is all research and development type), it has brought certain restrictions to the development of forest workers, leading to Sen Techtech's products are similarly simple in appearance from 2012 to 2016, and are often spewed by peers and customers.


In 2017, Soongon Technology carried out a reflection. Colleagues combined their own advantages and disadvantages, in-depth investigation of domestic and foreign markets, made major adjustments: toss off some businesses without core competitiveness, and concentrated on doing superior products. The R&D staff also adjusted their mindset – realizing that good products are beautiful, and while focusing on the performance of the product, they began to pay attention to the design. After several months of research and experimentation, the new FDM3D printer "Blue Whale K5" was finally launched.

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