Guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology held a licensing ceremony at Soongon Technology

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On January 26th, Guangdong Medical 3D Printer and Personalized Medical Engineering Technology Research Center (hereinafter referred to as Engineering Center) was awarded the license of Shenzhen Soongon Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Forest Technology). General Manager of Soongon Technology Yang Hai (fourth from right), Supervisor Luo Jianxu (third from right), Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Guangdong Pharmaceutical University, Wu Hongxing (fourth from left), Party Secretary of the School of Medical Information Engineering, Deng Yuxin (third from left), and deputy secretary of the Party Committee Guo Chaolong (1st from left), Qiu Qunguang (second from left), deputy director of the School Graduate Employment Guidance Center, attended the ceremony. The engineering center is jointly declared by the Forest Technology, Guangdong Pharmaceutical University School of Medical Information Engineering, Shenzhen Bangpu Medical Equipment System Co., Ltd. and obtained the provincial engineering technology research center recognized by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology.


Before the ceremony, the head of Soongon Technology first introduced the situation of enterprise innovation and entrepreneurship, product research and development, engineering center production and research cooperation, and European and American market development. Subsequently, Dr. Feng Bohua, deputy director of the Department of Biomedical Engineering of the School of Pharmacy and Information Engineering, reported on the opportunities and challenges faced by 3D printing technology, the hot spots of personalized medical and biomedical engineering research and development, and the next steps of the engineering center.


Wu Hongxing said that Soongon Technology and the College of Pharmacy and Information Technology of Guangzhou Pharmaceutical, especially the Department of Biomedical Engineering, have long-term good cooperation in personnel training, scientific and technological cooperation, and practice base construction. The participation of high-tech enterprises including our forestry technology has successfully identified the provincial engineering technology research center, which is the result of the efforts of all schools and enterprises. The development of medical information engineering colleges, especially biomedical engineering. Provide important platform support. Under the new tasks and new situations required for the construction of high-level universities and the granting of doctoral degrees, we hope that the Institute of Information Technology will work together with Forest Technology to promote the construction of the engineering center and work together to make the platform bigger and stronger. The synergy between science and research and talent pooling, focusing on the needs of personalized medical applications, focusing on the industrialization of scientific research results, giving full play to the intellectual support role of colleges and universities and the intelligent manufacturing advantages of enterprises, so that the school-enterprise cooperation truly "flowering results" and the engineering center The construction model provides a model for other professional developments in the school.


Soongon Technology has a strong relationship with Guangdong Pharmaceutical University, because the “four-person group” of the founding team of Soongon Technology was the 2011 graduate of Biomedical Engineering of Guangdong Pharmaceutical University, and the four major shareholders Yang Hai, Luo Jianxu, Zheng Jiahua and Fang Yingbin is an alumnus. After one year of graduation, he founded the 3D printing technology team of Soongon Technology. It was one of the few 3D printing manufacturers in China at that time.


After the licensing ceremony, the representatives and representatives visited the laboratory, research and development department, assembly workshop, and market operation department of Forest Technology, and learned about the 3D printer from design and development to product manufacturing, operation, and medical applications. A student representative who is internship, graduation design, and alumni representative who is working in the company. The National High-tech Enterprise established by the Department of Forest Technology in 2012, has a complete ISO9001 quality management system certification 3D printer manufacturer, adhering to the "3D printing change life" as its core value, its products MakerPi creative school series 3D printer widely Domestic and international customers including Japan, Australia, the United Kingdom, Germany and other countries are favored. Among them, the mixed color 3D printer with independent intellectual property rights has received extensive attention in the 2016 National Double-Day Week Shenzhen Main Conference.

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